Yummy January…

I had really good intentions for January I was going to record everything we ate from the garden but things went a bit awry. For example on Burns’ night we had haggis, mashed swede and mashed parsnip (not tatties). The parsnip was the first I’d picked EVER and it was enormous more like a large swede with multiple arms and legs and I forgot to take a picture of it or the swede. Last week we had the oatmeal risotto again but instead of kale we used collards just as good if not better. I’m falling in love with collard greens.

Still lots of onions in the store but some (the odd white and red but none of the yellow) have started to sprout. The first one I stuck in a bulb vase and it grew what I’d describe as three spring onions (they went into the stir fried rice below). I’ve put another three into jars for more spring onions.

onions    snipped onions

Really should have wiped the plate before taking the picture below but just too eager to get stuck into what is my favourite dish – slow cooked pigs cheeks. If you have not tried these you are missing a treat. They went well with the perpetual spinach and mashed turnips.

Pig 2   Pig 1

More meat and two veg this time corned beef pie, collard greens and squash. Looking back that’s a pretty mean portion of squash and it’s not as if we don’t have loads. Mind, the ‘Sweet Dumplings’ are long gone. The basket’s filled with ‘Festival’ these are next on the ‘eat-up’ list.

cornbeefpie 2      festival

Another favourite, pasta with sage butter, this time it was done with our dried sage but next time we’re going to try it using fresh sage. I’ll let you know which one I prefer!

Sage 2      sage 1

OK, next year I’m going to fill one on the polytunnels with oriental brassicas and the other with salad stuff. I think I’ll start all the brassicas off in modules and then plant them out. This year I ate loads of pakchoi as ‘thinnings’ in salad whereas I could have had a much bigger mature crop if I’d spaced them out at planting. This baby(ish) pakchoi was very tasty and in a couple of weeks I should have another crop.
Pak Choi 2   Pak Choi 1

Hens are laying so bring on the quiche – this one used up all our stored onions that were looking a bit sad. Yet more salad – almost a daily occurrence at the moment. Tonight it’s going to be far from exotic – a large pile of salad with six fish fingers on top!

Salad and onion tart      eggs

Not fresh this time but frozen. This is low cal and tasty that’s a good combo. Chickpeas from a tin, bit of tahini, our chillies peppers and tomatillos from the freezer, couple of cloves of garlic and some lemon juice – whizzo! Nice on a Wasa!

chick pea 2   chick pea 1

Just green…texel greens (grows like a weed in the polytunnel) we’ve been using them like spinach they make a great sag bhaji, calabrese (well past its pick by date) soup and yet more salad pickings.

Texel Greens brocsoup more salads

And finally….lots more squash to see us through to March at least!