Soil test and preparing a raised bed

I’m working on this raised bed today so I used it for my soil test. The touch test indicated it was sandy soil but the sediment test looks to be telling me it might be sandy loam. I kept all the stones from my digging and as you can see not many at all.

Soil Site

I’m digging down about a spade depth then mixing the dug out soil with three and a half bags of compost (about 140 litres). The black bin has been mixed I’ve got about four more to bins to go…I then tip in a dustbin of the stinky ferment seen below then three barrow loads of manure and finally the soil and compost mix. Hoping to get this finished and planted up before night fall so better get on!

19.14 and it’s done! Tomatoes, borage in the corners and a row of leeks down the middle. Time for a cold beer me thinks 😉

third one done

Just adding this – after 24hrs the jar had settled more and I think I can now see the layers of sand, silt and clay. The clay (if that’s what it is) is visible where I’ve wiggled on the line with the black marker.

after a day