Essential Oils

geraniam  huile-essentielle-de-menthe-poivree  huile-essentielle-d-orange-douce  lemongrass
I know absolutely nothing about aromatherapy but I like nice smells so I’ve sought out some information about making up your own little potions. These are the ones I make up in small batches. I use only cheap olive oil as a carrier – this really is tight budget aromatherapy!

bottlesFoot massage
To one tablespoon of olive oil add: one drop each of Peppermint, Lavender and Tea Tree oil.

bottlesSport massage
To one tablespoon of olive oil add: one drop each of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus and Rosemary oil. I use this on my knees before a run.

bottlesBack massage
To one tablespoon of olive oil add: five drops of Wintergreen, three drops of Peppermint and two drops of Juniper oil.

bottlesInsect repellent
To one tablespoon of of olive oil add: one drop each of Lavender, Lemongrass and Geranium oil.

Oil-BurnerHeat diffusion
I use a little burner with a tea light and into the water I normally put 3 or 4 drops of either orange, peppermint or lavender oil just because these smell the nicest to me! There are lots of ways to diffuse the oils but I find this easy and inexpensive way works fine for me. If, like me, you live in France you might want to check out this site for oils.

urlCalendula Balm
Once a year I usually make up a batch calendula balm you can see how I make it here. I use this as a lip balm and on anything that looks inflamed!