Around the Garden

I’ve been in France since 2006, moved into this house in 2007 and started the garden proper in 2009.

I’ve got about an acre and a half and the garden is progressing slowly but surely. In 2012 the wildlife pond got finished and in 2013 three new island beds were created on the back ‘field’ you really cannot call it a lawn in fact in some areas you couldn’t even call it grass. I also created an asparagus bed increased the size of the veggie plot and created a separate herb garden. In 2015 I created an onion bed next to the asparagus bed you just can’t grow enough onions.

wildlife circle
Back ‘field’

The garden gets wilder the further you get from the house and two very spoilt hens have the roam of the place.

Herb plot aka ‘bee heaven’

I try and combine edibles with ornamentals whenever possibles and have never used herbicides or pesticides.  We compost everything (including stuff you probably shouldn’t like bread and rice ) and that’s dumped on the garden.  The only real problem in the garden are the moles and in December they redouble their digging efforts . Well you can’t have everything now can you?

Asparagus and Onion Beds

I’m hoping this blog will be a good way to record the gardening year and help keep me on track.  It’s my intention in 2016 to resist any more ‘projects’ and focus on maintaining what’s already been done.  Since we’ve been here we’ve planted lots of fruit and nut trees, blackcurrant bushes (they do really well here) , blueberries, rasps, blackberries and strawberries.  Not too much work with the fruit – veggies seem to take oodles more time though.

string theory
Veggie Plot

So we’ve got eggs from the hens, some fruit, veggies, wild mushrooms that grow on the compost heap (real bonus) and walnuts from the big tree in the lane. We added two polytunnels at the beginning of 2015 – wish I’d done that from the start! And that’s my garden….

Wild Wildlife Pond


3 thoughts on “Around the Garden

  1. Hi,
    We in 23 so we’re neighbours departmental wise any ways…been living in France since 2006 and in this house since spring 2007 – we lost a lot of trees that year it was not a great year for the garden. Spent the first couple of years sorting the house out and only really started on the garden in 2010 – still lots to do but trying to avoid any more large projects.
    Bon Fevrier aussi…


  2. Hello Jenyfer
    Found your blog via HU 😊
    Looking forward to reading it, I am envious!! It looks idyllic although I do know how much work there must be 😊

    Best wishes


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