A good harvest so far….

It’s the middle of August and the extremely hot weather has finally broken. We’ve had virtually no rain since May and the temperatures have regularly been in the mid 30s so not the easiest of gardening conditions. Looking back at my May post and everything looks so tidy! Now I can hardly see the pond the plants are so high and the veggie plot is just mental. Getting inside poly tunnel number three requires a machete while poly tunnel one is more or less finished as most of the tomatoes have been harvested. The Green Zebras and the Crimean Black are from the polytunnel the other tomatoes were grown outside. At least five kilos of cherry tomatoes have been split, sprayed with oil, sprinkled with herbs, slowly dried then frozen…a bit of summer come the winter time. There are masses of outside tomatoes but they are a good way off ripening. I hope the late blight stays away.


The mad veggie plot – NOTE to self do not overplant the raised beds! DO NOT plant beans in with anything else. PROVIDE adequate support for tomatoes, beans, chilies and tomatillos. ONLY plant squashes where they can trail over grass not over the top of other raised beds, beans or tomatoes! The raised beds have made such an impact on the growth of crops as to be amazing. I cannot believe how lush everything is. Despite the heat and lack of rain everything has romped away. I have been watering using two ten litre watering cans per bed per day – much less water than I would normally use but obviously targeted and presumably held in the bed.

These tomatillos are taller than me now and the husks look huge do hope the fruit expands to fill them. These freeze really well.


Been having a few fermenting experiments including carrots with dill, turmeric, lemon, coriander and ginger. A short 5 day ferment with a ratio of 10 grams of salt to 500 grams of carrots. Verdict – the carrots with turmeric has the best flavour and texture we’ll be doing that one again soon. We’ve also been playing around making goat’s cheese using kefir. This is way too scrummy especially on toast with raspberry jam!

I’ve been eating fresh fruit from the garden with my muesli since May; strawberries, raspberries then blackcurrants (3 kilos also in the freezer) I’m now on late rasps from the garden and blackberries from the hedgerows. I’m hoping I can keep this going with the plums picked yesterday, the blackberries still to be picked and the frozen blackcurrants until at least the end of September which means I’ve managed to provide us with five months of fruit outwith a grocery store. The apples look like they are only fit for making apple cider vinegar – yet another brew going on in the kitchen!