Time for the big clean up…

It’s almost the end of October and I’ve done just about nothing in the garden until yesterday and today. We’re still eating (and will be for a couple of more weeks) our badly misshapen but scrummy tomatoes. I’ve had tomatoes with just about everything but I think my favourite is with a blue cheese omelette. It’s something about the sweetness of the tomatoes and the saltiness of the blue cheese. Mind a ‘polytunnel’ plus chorizo pizza comes a close second!

omlette   polytunnel-pizza

I sowed these trays of seeds (kale, cabbage, collards and pak choi) before I went off on holiday and my kind neighbour kept them watered. Hopefully, once I’ve finished working in the polytunnels I’ll get these planted out later in the week. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and they are really screaming to be in the ground.


I have at last made a start in the polytunnels (not sure why I can’t get motivated at this time of the year?). I’ve lifted all the strawberry plants from the middle of polytunnel number one and transplanted them to the back of both polytunnels that should give me about 100 plants if they all recover from the move. In polytunnel number two I’ve planted broad beans which hopefully will escape the black fly. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to sow the large pile of seeds in polytunnel number one. After that the veggie plot needs tackled!

broadbeans     seeds2





4 thoughts on “Time for the big clean up…

  1. Are those lavender? If so, I’m envious!

    You are still ahead of us – and we have been promised/threatened snow by Wednesday… The Jerusalem artichokes to lift/replant the last tomatoes and peppers to harvest from the greenhouses – and seeds to order from Moreveg and others (but not any autumn sowing for us!).


    • Yes lucky with the lavender I have the dried flowers stuffed into all my cupboards love the smell. I’ve still to lift our Jerusalem artichokes and the sweet potato (might have one!) although it never put on any flowers so maybe even one is being a bit too optimistic. Hope that snow holds off for while yet – winter is long enough. I’ll be trying to keep my seed buying under some sort of control this winter!!!


  2. I thought winter was your main growing season? No watering needed! Looks like a good Moreveg selection there. I’ve done peas, cauliflower, lettuces, tatsoi and ‘Early Wonder’ beetroot in the polytunnel. Just the broad beans to do outside next month. Pizza and omelette are looking good. We always have blue cheese on our pizzas and it’s good on small baked squashes, too.


    • Polytunnels now full of little plants or seeds (hopefully a lot less watering required!). I managed to get cabbages and chard planted outside but still have to plant out the kale, collards and calabrese. Think I’m going to sow some more lettuce outdoors – nothing to lose! Getting a bit sick of tomatoes if the truth be told!


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