Missed May…

I missed blogging in May just too many things going on both in and outwith the garden. Could really have done without the huge storm on the 28th of May. In the picture below you can see a river running through the polytunnels. I’ve had to replace the bark chipping paths as they got washed away.

After the stormNot sure how but the contents of the tunnels survived despite the sudden drop in temperature after the storm. I really did think I’d lose the lot given everything was sitting in cold wet ground for days on end. Mind, having said that I lost a good number of strawberries due to botrytis but I’ve still had a pretty good crop. Poly one has been planted with 15 tomatoes plants alongside the strawberries. Poly two holds 6 aubergines, 6 bell peppers, 2 cucumbers (I lost one) and 8 chillie plants (one is a cheat I bought at Lidl already fruiting!).

poly one  poly two
So far I’ve had five lots of strawberries with maybe two more to come. The chillies are a novelty for June and have been put in oil for use on pizza!

strawberries   red 2

I find trying to get everything into ground at this time of year a real challenge This week I finally finished the veggie plot. I have one wee bit to do but the rest is planted up with, mange tout, lots of lettuce, sweet potato, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, tomatillos, kale, beetroot, onions, garlic, leeks, collards, parsnips and turnips. Yesterday I sowed runner beans which I hope do better than the French beans which look to have been eaten by all and sundry!

veggieplotseed  veggieplotdone

At the top of the garden I extended the ‘onion bed’ a little bit and planted winter squash, leeks and sunflowers. An odd combination I know but I had too many leeks to fit them all in the veggie plot. Mind they are so thin you can hardly see them unlike the mole runs which are very visible. I’ve also added more lavender and a couple of peony roses.

In the adjacent asparagus bed I’ve planted lots of chillies, more squash and three tomato plants.


Back in March in a nasty corner at the opposite end of the garden I cleared a few weeds and planted some artichokes and comfrey. It’s now all gone a bit crazy but the chokes are growing. I just hope they are robust enough to see off the bracken, nettles and brambles.

Chokesmarch   chokes

Finally, I know I’m always saying no more projects but…this is a last ditch attempt to grow celery and celeriac. Really should have taken some before pictures as these are just the end result. In front of the little fence lots of foxgloves amongst other plants and behind is the celery and celeriac together with some sown (but yet to appear) spinach and pakchoi.  The little fence is to keep hens out. Phew, just keeping on top of stuff for eating is taking time let alone the rest of the garden. Now if the weather is kind this lot can grow and I can get on with other work.

new project   new project two

Next big job is whipping the pond into shape this is how it looked on the 10th of June…hopefully a bit tidier come my next post.