Not much work getting done

It’s the first of March today and I really thought I’d be further along than this. The weather is miserable, cold, wet and windy so I’ve been mainly huddled indoors except when I’m out running nothing stops that!

After a query  on ‘Gardeners Corner’about Jerusalem artichokes a very kind member, whom I’ve never met, sent me a whole box of them (chokes not queries). I know where I want to plant them but the area needs clearing and so far I’m about half way through. I decided to grow Jerusalem artichokes because Anjafinne said they make great chips plus I have this horrible corner that I would like to fill with big yellow flowers. I’m hoping for a great flower display and food. They do make nice chips!

Chokes with fish
      Fish and Artichoke Chips

chokesinbox     sideforchokes

My lovely box of Jerusalem artichokes and the start of their new home. I’ve put the string across to give me moral support else I could be doing a clear up here for weeks. I’m aiming to get this finished and planted up by the weekend.

stir2   stir 3

stir1   stir4

We had a stir fry last week with bits and pieces, the mung beans were done in the sprouter, the ‘spring onions’ were courtesy of some of last year’s onions I sprouted in a jar of water, carrots were from the veggie plot (they were a bit anaemic mind) and the oriental greens (flower tops and all) were from the poly tunnel. Nothing goes to waste in this household!

kaleandcabbage    kaleandcabbage2

Somehow don’t think we are going get through all the kale and cabbage but we are trying. This lot (plus some frozen peas) went into a spicy Indian dish we had with mushroom pilau and dhal. Not a lot of meat being eaten at the moment.

collardsmarch   carrotscollards

Just nipped out to take a picture of some of the collards in the veggie plot they are looking a bit nibbled but still throwing up as many new leaves as I can use. Last week it was collards with mince and dumplings.

parsnips      tender and true

We had a chicken dinner on Sunday with squash (I’ve still got about 20 of these left) and more ‘Tender and True’parsnips – not very pretty but they sure tasted sweet. Will the squashes last till April I wonder? You can buy ‘Tender and True’ from Mr Fothergill’s or from Moreveg  for 50p!


The veggie plot this morning, garlic growing away on the right, still lots of eating in there even though it looks a bit bare. The Rhubarb is starting to come through on the far left.  Maybe with all the salad I’ve been eating I can treat myself to some rhubarb crumble and custard in a few weeks time.

Finally, I’ve tamed my seeds, I bought this little set of drawers at Aldi so all the seeds are out of the multiple tins. And to think I used to get exited about handbags!

Drawers of seeds


3 thoughts on “Not much work getting done

  1. The veg look lovely, you’ve still got such a choice despite the season. The seed drawers are way too organised, puts my ‘throw them all in’ basket to complete shame! The Jerusalem artichokes should romp away in that patch, they really aren’t at all fussy and will colonise the whole area in no time – in fact, try to stop them! We’ve grown them for years (they are a great winter staple) but I couldn’t believe how well they did in France, growing to 8 ft+ and flowering for weeks. You should have a fantastic show – and crop.


  2. Jerusalem artichokes – good choice. When we spent an autumn and winter near the Gironde there were fields and fields of them. We’ve still got lots left from our first crop and they make just the best soup (simply one onion, a whole lot of peeled and chopped topinambour, blend when cooked and add some salt and pepper – a weekly staple). We had to put a windbreak around them, even though I chose a variety that only grows to 6ft maximum. Our Tender and True parsnips look positively monstrous – I don’t know how they get that photo on their seed packet, maybe by harvesting in September. Anyway, they are very tasty. I’ve been grating them into a potato roesti recently – an excellent combination.


  3. I think our Jerusalem artichokes usually reach 10-12′ before they flower… You can imagine my shock when I saw fields of them in Ukraine – and heard that they cut the stems and feed them to the cattle and never harvest the tubers. Oh well, they also ate only squash seeds and fed the fruit to the pigs…


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