Happy New Gardening Year…

Calendula in January

This sneaky little self seeded calendula was in full bloom this morning can’t think of a better start to a year of gardening. At the moment it’s all about harvesting veggies, planning for the coming year and the never ending clean up.

Hen enjoying rocks

I do think the hens approve of the cleaned up rocks it’s become a favourite hangout for them. Oh, and the good news it they are through their moult and have started laying again.

Little bowls of salad

The salad stuff in the polytunnels is really coming into its own now. Thinnings of Pak choi have been eaten as baby leaf  the rest are being left to grow on a bit for stir fry. We can’t eat the Chinese cabbage quick enough I didn’t realise how tasty it would be raw. The cabbages are in polytunnel number one – number two polytunnel is below. I’m holding off eating the lettuce as it’s still quite small so we’re eating everything that has overtaken it! So far I’ve oonly had the Texel Greens  raw in salad but some may end up being cooked as the leaves are looking a bit big. I’ve ordered a load of Oriental Greens for next year from Moreveg they have such a great variety. I do think I like winter polytunnels better than summer polytunnels!

Poly Jan

More greens, we had a nettle, feta and mint quiche (had to buy the fresh mint) last week and mince and dumpling with perpetual spinach another night. Scoffed the mince and dumplings before I thought to take a picture.

Nettles for quiche   Perpetual Spinach

To use up some of our kale and squash we tried this little dish  below – Butternut squash and cheddar bread pudding. The recipe really wants to be halved as it makes a HUGE amount! You can find the recipe here. We made ours with a very well aged Gouda instead of the cheddar.

Squash and Kale dish

Hoping for more cheap eats from the garden over the next few week….