Weed Free!



I did say in the last post how great it would be to get a start on this plot and more fair weather has meant I could get stuck in. I’ve still got a bit to do including a good chop of the grape vine growing against the fence but progress for sure.




Winter gardening

We’ve had some amazingly good weather so I thought I’d tackle the rocky outcrop at the top of the garden which was getting way over grown. Might have gone a little bit overboard on the clean up but at least now can you see the stones. Just out off shot there’s a nice big patch of young nettle coming up so that will be going in a nettle quiche before long.

2_stones    7_top

Down at the bottom of the garden both the veggie plot and polytunnels are still producing. A little way off picking anything in the polytunnels just yet but perhaps in a couple of weeks. The salad leaf and tatsoi are romping away as are the texel greens and mizuna.  No sign yet of the wild garlic or the Echinacea. In the tunnel where the centre is packed with strawberries the pak choi and chinese cabbage seem to be coming along nicely but no sign of the potatoes.

6_greenhosues   1_greens

While the veggie plot looks a bit sad it’s still full of goodies there’s kale, collards, cabbage, pak choi (almost finished) swede, parsnip, turnip, swiss chard, perpetual spinach, celeriac, rocket, carrots and sorrel all for the picking – plus some skanky looking calabrese which may end up in a soup. If the weather holds up I’d like to get this into some sort of shape before Christmas. A couple of dry sunny days on the trot and I could get some serious weeding done and dig in lots of manure. How amazing it would be to have the veggie plot in shape before the new season begins.

4_veggie plot   5_veggie2

Finally, you must try this it is so tasty…kale and mushroom oat risotto. You use pinhead oats in place of the rice – we used our own mushrooms and kale so it was a very cheap dish. You can find a recipe here.

Oatmeal risotto