Time for a clean up….

No matter how hard I try I always seem to get well behind at this time of year. Before taking a two week break in September I was making progress but now I feel as if I’m back to square one. Talk about down to the wire we were out picking squashes in the dark last night as the forecast was for a big zero not that there were many to pick just some very late butternuts that I had left on the vine in the hope they would fully ripen. Most productive squash this year has been winter festival.

Before the September holiday I did manage to clean up the patio which had gone feral!

Patio before   patio after

and the front of the house…

before   after

The basil was a bit like the patio – totally out of control so took to collecting it in a shopping bag. Made lots of basil pesto some of which made it into the pasta dish below which included our own sun blushed tomatoes. The remaining jars of pesto are in the freezer along with bags of tomatoes, they’ll be a welcome treat come the winter.

IMG_0133   IMG_0141

The tomatillos came good and we’ve been eating green salsa with everything…again we’ve frozen multiple portions to add a taste of summer to those winter meals. Definitely going to grow these again.

greensalsa   Frozen salsa


3 thoughts on “Time for a clean up….

  1. Wow, that’s some going 14 squashes on one plant – the best I did was six large butternuts on one plant. I say the winter festival was most productive because I consistently got five fruits on each plant (non vining) plus despite the ridiculously dry summer they bulked up nicely.


  2. Yes, it’s hard work, the autumnal clear-up, but everything does look so lovely afterwards. Glad to hear you’ve had success with the tomatillos. I only had one plant that produced well, the other seven only had a few fruit – not enough for a portion of salsa. I guess they like it dry and hot, just like in Mexico.


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