Polytunnel Pizza…

After eight weeks of no rain we’ve had two days nonstop. So, I’m hoping things, that appear half dead, will be magically brought back to life. At least I’ll get a break from watering for a couple of days, except for the polytunnels that is. Things are starting to go a bit mad in the tunnels with basil, chillies, peppers and tomatoes all in full flow. My trial polytunnel melon is growing like mad but no sign of any fruit and that’s a ditto for those growing outside.

Tonight’s pizza was topped with red onion, green pepper, tomatoes, hungarian yellow wax and cayenne chillies all out of the garden.

IMG_0065      Polytunnel Pizza

We lifted the onions a few weeks ago and left them out in the sun to dry out. Yesterday we took the worst of the muck off them and now they are ready for storing. There is another small pile of ‘rejects’ which will get used up first as they are not really good enough to store as the necks are a wee bit too swollen. A bit of everything from the box above and an onion are included in this very easy to make couscous.  Looks a bit bland but it is very tasty.

Onions      IMG_0085

How crazy are these things! I’d never grown tomatillos before and didn’t know they’d look like little paper lanterns. At the moment they seem to be paper thin with no contents. I’m hoping to be able to make salsa with them but they’re a good way off picking I would say.  In the meantime, the salsa was made without the aid of the tomatillos just lots of other goodies from the garden.

Tomerillos      salsa

Quite proud of these as they are the first aubergines I’ve managed to grow to a useable size. I think maybe I picked them too soon but they seemed to grow then just stall so rather than just leave them they got roasted and made into aubergine and feta cheese dip. (Pulp of roast aubergine, onion, garlic, greek yogurt, and lemon juice)

IMG_0060       IMG_0084

Just can’t have enough basil, it’s growing in the tunnels and outside. After trying all sorts of ways to grow basil this is what appears to work best for me. Sow in modules, then when the basil is about 2 cm high plant out the cells in a block as below. I have three patches like the one below on the go at the moment so plenty of basil pesto for over the winter.

Basil    bergamot

Talk about nonstop this red bergamot has been in flower for months and even in its last throes it’s still attracting the bees. I’m definitely inclined to ignore the fussy pink one and stick with the red.

And finally, the squashes are all romping away, both this little lot in the veggie plot and those growing at the top of the garden where they are taking over the place. So far, this year, ‘Festival’ seems to be the most productive but there’s still time for the others to catch up. Next to the squashes I’ve just planted out some chard, collards, beetroot and broccoli plus sown another row of coriander.  Coriander has been a spectacular failure during this hot, dry summer but I’m hopeful of an autumn crop and as soon as the tomatoes are finished I’m going to blanket the tunnel with coriander seeds!

squash       IMG_0078

I’ve been well impressed with MoreVeg I like the range and although the packets of seeds are small (sometimes you only get three squash seeds for 50p) they are also cheap so you can afford to experiment. If you’re like me and always looking to grow something new they’re worth a look.