Too hot by far….

The locals say it was the hottest, driest June in 60 years and July feels even hotter and drier! The garden looks grim the grass is a nasty shade of yellow and everything looks drained of colour. I am however watering my new daylilies as they were only planted out in the spring. The maroon one is called Night Embers and the yellow one is Mynelle’s starfish. You can see how dry the earth is and these get watered!

night embers


I’ve picked all the mangetout and dwarf French beans along with blackcurrants and about a quarter of the potatoes. Getting the potatoes out of the ground is hard work you really need to chisel them out.  I’ll need to lift the rest of the earlies very soon as all the foliage is long dead. I’ve got a variety called Yona in for baking potatoes and they seem to be hanging on but not sure for how much longer.

IMG_0016      IMG_0017

We fed our friends the mangetout on Saturday night, the beans are being tray frozen. Maybe a kilo and a half of beans not what you’d call a bumper crop. I’m pleased with the potatoes though they are small but numerous and they taste good.


Multiple haircuts from camomile and basil (both grown from seed) have provided us with lots of pesto and a modest amount of camomile tea. I’ve still got bunches of camomile drying in the basement so at least another jar to come. We ate some of the basil pesto with pasta and slow roasted tomatoes (not home grown) so simple but so scrummy.

IMG_4267    IMG_4245

I was gently picking the flowers from the camomile but now I just grab a bunch, cut it with a pair of scissors and hang it up to dry. I’ve started chopping coriander like I do the basil and it too seems to come back multiple times.

IMG_4240   IMG_4242

We did have some plump fresh nettles a few weeks back which went into the flan above, along with feta cheese and mint. This was really tasty and we’d make it again the nettle makes for a really good texture.


Just lifted these onions this afternoon and I’m well chuffed after last year’s total failure. I created the onion bed earlier in the year and filled it with well rotted muck and it seems to have paid off.  These should last us a good few months. You can see from the picture how dry the grass it everything is tinder dry.

IMG_0020      IMG_0019

Both polytunnels are going great guns I’ve actually got aubergines bigger than the size of an egg! I’ve also invested in some really deep seed modules which you can see on the floor in polytunnel number two.  These have been planted up with lettuce, chard, carrots, kale along with various flowers. Hopefully, when this lot is ready to be planted out the heat wave will have passed. In the mean time I can keep these well watered.