Rain at last….

Finally, some rain and how the garden needed a good watering. So, as it’s raining I thought it was a good time for an update on the garden. I’ve gone from thinking I’ll never get on top of things to thinking maybe I’ll get caught up.

Yesterday, I finally finished edging around the buddleia and fruit trees. The grass really got away from me this year and I’m determined not to let this get so overgrown next year.  I’m aiming to keep the grass scalped it may not look at its best but it helps keep pesky moles at bay and weeds from encroaching on the shrubs and trees.


Did a bit more work at the very top of the garden.  The asparagus bed has been weeded and edged.  Not sure if they should be this large? Some of them are taller than me. Last year I took about 300 buddleia cuttings and stuck them into the asparagus bed thinking maybe 10% would take – I reckon 99% have taken. I’m considering a ribbon of them running through the garden – I need someone to tell me that is a very stupid idea! The onions are doing OK better than last year but not great.  I’ve planted melons at one end of the onion bed and squashes at the other.


Polytunnels are way too full it’s difficult to resist squeezing in more plants.  I’ve tucked a melon just by the door hoping I can trail it outside once it gets away. The basil should be ready for its first chop of the year I’m reckoning on at least five haircuts during the growing season. I’ve just eaten the last of the polytunnel strawberries with Aldi’s macadamia nut ice cream yummy. Polytunnel number two is about two weeks behind this one.


I’m still trying to remove the comfrey from the veggie plot and plant it around the garden. Just when I think it’s all gone another plant pops up. Anyways, I have managed to get some going in a wasted space behind the polytunnels and if it’s half as vigorous in its new position I’ll be well pleased as it’s being used to cover a real eyesore. Thanks to a tip from Steve at Plot42 I used an old sheet to line a dustbin and make my comfrey ‘plant’.  Once it’s ready for use I’ll just lift out the sheet with all the plant material and use a watering can to apply the remaining goodness.


Oh, the veggie plot has been set free!  I’ve taken down the hennie pennie fencing and repositioned it across the garden. This keeps the hens out of the veggie plot and the strawberry patch and it means I can keep the grass around the veggie plot cut short. Easier access also as I don’t need to enter and exit via a gate. Too late for this year but next year I’m going to edge the whole plot with nasturtiums rather than fencing!

free veggieplotFencing now

Once the fence was down I decided the veggie plot could be extended just a little so I’m currently removing the turf up to the edge of the pond. I’m hoping it will look OK. I’ll post some pictures once it’s complete. The field next door sure could use cutting!

pondfirst cut

The herb garden is going bonkers I chopped the sage within an inch of its life earlier in the year and it’s back with avengeance. The only thing that appears to be struggling a bit is the tarragon but maybe this downpour will perk it up a little. I left the borage to self seed last year so plenty little plants appearing. The bees will have a field day once this is all in bloom especially the mint and the lavender.

IMG_4214 herb

On the back ‘field’ I’ve edged and weeded the long bed and planted more comfrey under the trees at the top. Hoping the comfrey will go mad and hide the compost heap!


The island beds have been given a quick once over but the large one requires some serious weeding and I mean serious. I reckon it’s a two day job at the least and I keep putting it off. Just as well the other plants are growing well enough to disguise the lack of weeding. I don’t consider ox-eye daisies weeds 😉

IMG_4174 IMG_4173

Finally, the daylilies are starting to flower this is the first one of the season….



2 thoughts on “Rain at last….

  1. It all looks so lush and grand – even with scant rain. The herb garden is lovely! Must admit I’m really envious: here we have plenty of rain (at the moment hailstones) but with the lows at +4 and highs at +12 it doesn’t seem likely that much will survive (or even germinate) – and the two already planted greenhouses look fairly bare…


  2. Everything looks so tidy and productive. Thanks for passing on the comfrey plant tip, I’ve just planted nine of them, for next year’s fertiliser. Amazing take-up rate for the buddleia cuttings. We’ll definitely give that a try next winter. A buddleia hedge sounds lovely. Thought you might like to know that we caught our first mole this week – so these French traps really do work.


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