First poly crop

OK, it’s measly but nice to have a plate of strawberries that taste great (ate a few sneaky ones while picking).

first strawberries

Yesterday I finally finished row four in the veggie plot – why does the veggie plot take me so long to do! We have from left to right.

veggie 2 19_05_2015

Rhubarb, red bergamot and comfrey

Row one – two boxes of Aldi cheapie perennials. Bought these for the echinacea (9 out of a possible 12 are showing) as the two boxes were cheaper than one echinacea plant.  Everything else in the box is doing really well lupins, hostas, red hot pokers and incarvillea. The aquilegia is not doing so well. After the flowers and the blackcurrant cuttings I’ve got swede, turnips, sorrel, leeks and mangetout. At the end, out of view there’s some sea kale (it was just too beautiful to eat this year covered in squillions of white flowers) and sage cuttings. I’ve just pulled the coriander, flat leaf parsley and chervil from last year as they were well passed their best and I need the space.

Row two – not much showing here but I have sown cabbage, broccoli, chard, parsnips, more mangetout, coriander, french beans (which you can just about see poking through) and tat soi, oh, and more lettuce. I’ve still got lettuce in this row that over wintered but it does look like it wants to go to seed very soon.

Row three  – potatoes (Charlottes and Dolwens) plus I’ve planted sweet peas to grow up the wigwam – they might get replaced with runner beans it they don’t get a more on. At the far end I’ve got chamomile planted – the flowers have just come out so best get them dried for tea. If the tea is good I’m going to try and grow this elsewhere in the garden.

Row four – courgette and winter squashes along with cucumbers at the top end.  I’m going to TRY and grow the cucumbers above the squashes (you can just about make out the little supports to get them going up). More potatoes in front of the box (Yonas) these are a late variety which I’m hoping will produce some decent baking potatoes.

Along the fence it’s mainly rasps and a grape vine.

That’s the veggie plot in hand, both polytunnels full and the onion bed weeded.  I’m going to extend the onion bed a couple of metres either end and plant a pumpkin called Miranda. I really could use some garden elves that do magic weeding when I’m asleep oh and magic grass cutting wouldn’t go amiss either.

onion bed


2 thoughts on “First poly crop

  1. The first strawberries already! I highly recommend the camomile for tea drinking. Don’t be alarmed if the flowers dry to virtually nothing – you only need a pinch for a pot, the flavour is intense and much fresher than camomile tea bags, which I don’t really like very much. I managed to fill a 90g jar last year and that lasted half a year with frequent use.


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