My little experiment….

I’ve been thinking about growing more plants in modules then planting them out, even those, like root veggie, that are traditionally sown directly into the ground. You might wonder why?  So, far I come up with these reasons:

1. Weeding – I can clear any weeds before I plant out that way at least the plants will get a head start over the weeds.

2. No thinning out – I hate this task as is always seems such a waste.

3. Less waste of seeds – much easier (for me anyways) to sow one or two seeds per module.  Outside, unless they are large seeds I struggle to see where the seeds have gone!

4. I’ll know if something has come along and eaten the plant – currently, I don’t know if seeds have failed to germinate or if some kind creature has come along and had all the tiny seedlings before breakfast.

5. Spacing – I think I might get more plants in by planting in blocks rather than in rows.

6. Nothing in the ground waiting to germinate (or not – parsnips!)

So, that’s my thinking and we’ll see how it goes. Yesterday, I sowed two varieties of turnips, swede, beetroot, chinese cabbage, two varieties of cabbage, two varieties of kale and some calabrese. Somehow I managed to find a place for the tray in one of the polytunnels.


The iris are starting to bloom these three have just opened out. Unfortunately, I don’t know their names as I inherited the collection.





3 thoughts on “My little experiment….

  1. I think I’ve just given up pre-sowing beetroot. So much easier to sow it straight in the ground. But the modular sowing is very good for brassica, I find. And, yes, the parsnips are a gamble, just had the first seedlings appear – phew (from the second sowing where I dumped the whole packet, none from the first). But this year I found out that the parsnip seeds really only keep a year so that’s one that will need to be replenished annually. Chinese cabbage – are you planning to make kimchi?


  2. Yip, hubby is into fermented veggie so kimchi it will be – he’ll be making that – I grow he cooks. The beetroot I’m trying because every time I sow the stuff, in lines with even spacing, I end up with a pile of plants down one end and nothing else – looks like something has shoveled all the seeds to the end of the row. Parsnips I’ve only ever used fresh seed and still no sucess Tender and True was recommend which is what I’ve got in the ground now and in the tray.


  3. Mmh, kimchi. Please share the recipe if it works out. We’ve been meaning to make it from normal cabbage. In Korea they made it from all kinds of veg, including nettles, and it was all delicious. I had very good success with the pre-sown beetroot last year, but this year they’re just not getting going. Could just be the low temperatures though.


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