Full up…

Got a bit carried away with planting and sowing both tunnels are now stuffed with tomatoes, aubergines, sweet peppers, chili peppers, marigolds, basil and strawberries. I’ve managed to squeeze in the seeds trays on the paths – placed in such a way I can step over them to water and weed – do need to keep my balance to do this though!

Both Full

The back garden is coming along but still mucho work to get this into shape. I reckon at least another month before it’s anything like tidy. Mr Mole is causing havoc with the ‘grass’ I’m even contemplating buying a trap! I’ve threaded iris through three of the island beds I’m hoping this looks good once they come into flower.  Trouble is I’ve no idea what colours will come up where.They were dormant when I planted them and I was not so organised as to have labeled them.

.Back garden

I have managed to get some work done in the herb plot it’s now been edged and weeded.  I added a few more herbs but to be honest it’s pretty packed and I really should stop with the planting. Any bare spots you see have been seeded with calendula and borage.


Well the rain has stopped so I had better get out and do some work but not before I sow some seeds – a little experiment I’ll tell you about next time.


4 thoughts on “Full up…

  1. We’ve just bought a French mole trap (http://www.piege-a-taupe.com/). Jim just set it a couple of days ago, no success yet, but this mole is not building his tunnels by the book. You certainly seem to be enjoying your polytunnels. We should get organised and have a Shetland-proof cover next spring. Reaching DIY saturation just now…


  2. We have once taken extreme measures with a water vole – by that time it had destroyed about half of our onion crop and more than half of the garlic – a single vole! After trying normal traps, a small-bore rifle and a vain effort to entice our resident viper to enter the burrow (he/she refused) we bought an extra big mousetrap – and that worked!


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