Well, I feel a bit like Pollyanna now that I’ve got my polytunnels in use – why did I not buy these years ago! It’s a bit manic at the moment with so much work to do but good progress I think.  The onion bed I dug and filled with muck early in the year looks to be paying dividends I might even get a decent onion crop.  Polytunnel one is planted to the max, 6 aubergines, 6 bell peppers, 6 chillies, and 8 tomatoes. I’ve edge around with strawberries and you can just about see the little basil seedlings in the middle bed.  I’ve also planted a few marigolds. Resisting the temptation to squeeze in even more.


Polytunnel two I’m going to tackle tomorrow if this rain persists.  I’ve weeded and dug over the soil but now I have to dig in about 10 bags of compost. We’re going to make some staging but currently the seeds are making do on the ground. I’m glad I put in the two paths even with the two reaching into the corners is a bit of a stretch. I’m going to plant some more tomatoes and basil in here along with melons and probably more chillies. All my chillies have germinated well but they’re just sitting moping hope they get a move on soon.




Just a wee bit of an eyesore but I still love them and want another one!

Not all fun and games with polytunnels though plenty of other areas needing attention.  I almost got all the potatoes planted before the rain started but not quite. Really annoying as we are now scheduled for five day of solid rain which could have been watering all the potatoes instead of three quarters of them. It’s taken me about a month to get the veggie plot to this stage I’ve got more or less three beds complete which leaves one to be dug over and mucked ready for squash – I’m going to have a whole bed of squash this year plus some in with the asparagus at the top of the garden.



8 thoughts on “Pollyanna

  1. Looking good! Enjoy those polytunnels, they bring such a different perspective (and optimism) to gardening. Do you have plans for winter plantings and crops to fill the ‘hungry gap’? That’s when they really come into their own. Good luck with the potatoes!


    • Still to plant those potatoes – went shopping instead. I’m really looking for ‘green stuff’ to follow on with. Anything I can make pestos with so maybe try and keep basil going as long as possible, lettuce of course but not sure what else. I’d really like to grow pak choi or similar – anything you can stir fry in garlic! Always looking for ideas 😉


    • No idea what kind of strawberries they are just runners that needed transplanting – they do seem to be doing well in the polytunnel.


    • My friend has just bought one which is supposed to be ‘Shetland’ proof (mine are just cheapies) – we both said why didn’t we do this years ago!


      • Can you get me the name of the company she got it from? I don’t think we’ll get around to it this year, but definitely, definitely next year.


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