Tomatillos sown

A bit late but I’ve just sown some tomatillo seeds.  I’ve never even eaten these before let alone grown them.  I’ll probably try and squeeze these into the poly tunnel if they germinate and thrive.  Looks like I’ll have to repot the tomatoes (Ferline and Lupitas) before much longer but the chillies, peppers and aubergines can wait for a wee while yet. The crazy basil is just going into little pots I’m not thinning it out.


I really should be out trying to whip the veggie plot into shape but everything is so sodden.  I have managed to transplant all the daylilies that I split last autumn so at least they have left the veggie plot along with some comfrey. However, still lots of wayward comfrey to move. I really should NOT have grown this in the veggie plot. Currently, in the process of sowing these marigolds and sweet peas, they should add a splash of colour come summer time.




5 thoughts on “Tomatillos sown

  1. Tomatillo is one of our favourite plants – it’s useful and it’s fun, even decorative. We are going to sow them in a month or so – they grow like weeds and get far too leggy if sown too early. Funnily enough they grow at least here better outdoors than in the greenhouse. Last year we had a few in pots in the greenhouse and they developed all kinds of diseases, dropping leaves like – well, like leaves,. When we moved them out and grew them in containers against the southern/western house wall (they need support) they recovered very quickly. They don’t self-pollinate so you need at least two plants.


  2. I’m also growing tomatillos this year without ever having tasted them – fun! We’re just about to put comfrey into the top end of the new veg patch. The soil there is very heavy and has some drainage problems. Hoping the comfrey will help to sort that out. How invasive was yours? Should we put down a barrier between the comfrey and the next bed?


  3. Comfrey, maybe it just loves where it is but mine is a bit of problemo – the more I dig it out the more new plants spring up! I think if you miss one tiny bit of root up it springs! I’m trying to lift the lot and put it somewhere else – where I don’t care if it runs riot. Like the bees I love the plant but don’t want it taking over the whole of the veggie plot.


  4. Tomatillos are great, they make fantastic salsa, but be warned: if you plant them in your polytunnel, you will have them for ever (a bit like your comfrey), they seed like nothing else! 🙂


  5. I knocked the tray of sprouted tomatillos onto the floor! I’ve resown them but nothing so far…I’m very much inclined to plant them outside given the advice I’ve been given – that’s if and when they grow. We may be moving towards some warmer weather but still hovering at zero overnight.


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