Polytunnel Update


I am so glad to be finished with this task. This is the back of the tunnels my sticks and twigs are to keep the pesky hens out. I’ve planted geraniums at either side of the tunnels as I thought they would be easy to lift and split when I have to replace the covers.


Not sure if you can see but I’ve extended the foam sleeves over 90% of the framework. The sleeves cushion the cover, keep the tubing cool and make the cover a wee bit tighter fit. 20 euros well spent I think. Along the front, I’ve planted day daylilies, sweet rocket and echinops. I’ll be amazed if the echinops takes as I grew if from seed and transplanted it from the veggie plot. Only when I was lifting it did I realise it has a very long tap root, usually not great for successful transplanting!



4 thoughts on “Polytunnel Update

  1. What a stylish hen barrier! We usually only use chicken wire around here, not the prettiest. Good tip to use the foam. Go on, get sowing and fill the nice new tunnels!


  2. So far I’ve got sweet peppers, chillies, aubergines and tomatoes in seed trays so hopefully those will be going in and maybe a couple of melons…really looking forward to using it for winter salad stuff.


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