Polytunnel progress…

OK this thing is growing hands and feet. I’ve ordered a second one which should arrive in about a week’s time.  So far I’ve cleared the earth dug it over and dumped about a cubic metre of well rotted manure on the beds (the difficult bit). For my situation BIG lesson learned for poly tunnel number two – mark out your paths and leave the turf on them.  I’m now having to backfill paths.
So, a good day’s work to dig and about an hour and a half to erect the polytunnel. Still to get it in the exact position and dig in the cover.  But now prepping for the arrival of the second one – paths marked out this time!
This morning it’s like summer here and the metal tubing is roasting hot (no anti-hot tape with this cheapie). But, I did have some pipe insulation (that grey foamy stuff) – the 22mm size works a treat so the metal is now cooler and cushioned. I’ve only done over the roof area but think I might do all the metal that touches the cover – 10 euros to do the lot.
Back to digging….

4 thoughts on “Polytunnel progress…

  1. It definitely does grow on you – be it polytunnels or greenhouses; it’s just the vision of earlier and more prolific harvests. Our neighbours have already started to ask when we are going to order this year’s new greenhouse…


  2. You’ll find they speed things up brilliantly and are loads of fun. Sadly the covers on these green net ones don’t last long, in a year or two you’ll find yourself covered in tiny, shiny, squares and your polytunnel will become a net tunnel. There is good news! It looks like you’ve bought one of the ones with a substantial frame which means you will be able to cover it with proper polytunnel film when this happens (You’ll need some timber to make a door frame at either end though) In the mean time, enjoy your tunnel, they do work amazingly well.


    • I was thinking that if I get two years from the covers I’m be laughing given their cost! Hopefully, they’ll be offering replacement covers for sale by that time as I’ve not seen any 3x3M covers as of yet although they do have them for the 3X6M size. If no covers then a couple of door frames will have to be knocked up and I’ll have to fit polytunnel film. I bought the tunnels to see if I can avoid blight I’m sick of having to dump ripened blighted tomatoes.


  3. That’s the spirit! I’ve been on the lookout for replacement covers as well but they aren’t such a good buy as the complete tunnel. There’s a chap on our site who put two of the really cheap frames together and covered with good polytunnel film and his tunnel is still going strong three years later, the only problem is it is a little narrow. Your’s looks to be the perfect ratio so, however you cover it, I think you got a deal. They are great for protecting tomatoes and you’ll be amazed at how warm they get. Elenna’s was a jungle last year!


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