Petit Polytunnel

An impulse buy I must admit but when I saw it in the shop I just had to have it.  I know everyone says buy the biggest you can afford but I’ve gone for a small one 3 X 3 Metres.  I’m going to have 600 cm beds around the sides and a one metre bed in the middle.  This will allow me two paths of 400 cm either side of the metre bed. 400 cm is a standard paving slab hence the size of the paths. I was going to start next week but a bit of late afternoon sun yesterday and I made a start.  I’ve got the area marked out and have started to remove the turf.


Hopefully by the end of today all the turf will be gone and I might even get some muck dug in. We went back to the shop to buy another one but they were sold out so I’ve ordered a 2nd one online.  They will sit side by side.  I’m thinking one for potting on etc and the other for summer crops peppers, chillies, tomatoes and aubergines followed by winter salad stuff.  I’m planning on edging the paths with strawberries. Then next year swap over – use one for growing, give the other a good feed and a rest and use it for potting etc. Well that’s the plan!



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