Stuck Indoors…ahhh

Really did think I’d get a bit of gardening done last week but no such luck.  The rain in relentless and when it does stop I’ve been trying to get my 5K runs in. Next week’s looking good so time to break eggs with sticks if that sun starts to shine. In the meantime the basil has germinated.  I’ve never grown basil indoors before and am now wondering what to do with it. Should I thin out in the tray and pot on later or do something with it now? The stick in the white pot is lemon grass which I’m hoping will show some signs of life not sure if it’s dead or not!

BasilBesides the basil the only other seeds to germinate so far have been the tomatoes. They are looking a bit spindly but I’m turning them a few times a day in the hope they’ll grow stronger seeking that non existent sunshine. All the tomato seeds have germinated the empty modules have sweet pepper in them which has yet to sprout.




5 thoughts on “Stuck Indoors…ahhh

  1. Bah, enough terrible weather! Your lemongrass looks a lot better than mine, but it still looks pretty dead. Will be interesting to see if they come back to life! Nice to see all the tomato seedlings up and running. I’m still waiting for my first one to appear.


  2. Wow, that’s a lot of basil – is it in a propagator? Mine’s failed to germinate 😦 Going to try again, I grew it one year no trouble but think that was luck, can’t remember when I planted it – any tips welcome!


  3. The ‘propagator’ is a Lidl’s unheated cheapie! Bog standard compost, soaked for about 20 minutes in a tray of water then seeds sprinkled on top of compost. I think I’m going to plant them on in a couple of days as there are way too many per cell. If you struggle to grow from seeds do what I did last year – buy some plants at Lidl – plant them out and once they have started to grow cut them down – they’ll come right back. I think I got four or five cuts per plant.


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