Made it!

We’ve had a couple of days of dry warmish weather so a chance to get outside. What a FANTASTIC feeling to be able to work in the garden I feel totally reinvigorated. Anyways, last year I took the turf off an 18 metre strip to create a separate onion bed. I’d already dug in ash but it needed barrowloads (18 in total) of manure.  I dug about a metre at a time, removed the soil tipped a wheelbarrow of manure then back filled. My back’s a bit nippy but I’m done, I made it just as the weather broke and the rain started. Hens, of course, were as always a tremendous help – not!

Hensand poo

DoneThe finished job all ready for the onion sets in a couple of weeks time. The buddleia cuttings on the left have all taken, about 300 hundred of them in total but no sign of life from the asparagus which are sitting under a thick mulch of leaf mould and manure with netting over the lot to keep henny pennies at bay. Now with onions to be grown in their new bed that leaves more room down at the veggie plot so thought I’d get some more seed potatoes. I’ve stuck my neck out and bought Yona it’s a late variety but supposedly naturally blight and drought resistant, we shall see. That might be me indoors for a little while as the north wind doth blow….



2 thoughts on “Made it!

  1. Just feels so good to be able to work outside! Next week looks promising so I’m hopeful that by the end of the week I’ll have the potato bed manued and dug over.


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