Well, it’s not raining anymore…


No rain but the snow has arrived and the temperature has tumbled. We’ve got at least another week of very cold weather then hopefully it’s on the up. So frustrating not being able to work in the garden so I’m working on my family history instead. Soon I should be able to get out though and start digging! I’ve got masses of well rotted manure to dig in plus a few bin loads of ash to go on the garlic and onion bed. The snowdrops are pushing up but not with much enthusiasm maybe a few day of bright days will help.


I did venture up to the hut at the top of the garden and look out my seed trays. They’re now all washed and in place waiting for me to sow some seeds. As soon as it’s warm enough to open the shutters I’ll get sowing, maybe next week. This week the seed potatoes and onion sets arrive in the shops so a wee bit of shopping will be on the cards. Hope it’s gardening weather where you are!


2 thoughts on “Well, it’s not raining anymore…

  1. I saw the heading and thought, Oh good, but not sure if your current weather is an improvement! Anyway, very organised to have your seed trays all ready to go. I’m sure it can’t be long now before you have gorgeous spring weather. We have very grey weather, not really what I’d call gardening weather, and I need about a week to recover from our tree-moving marathon. Happy onion and seed potato shopping!


  2. What a change in a two days! I never thought I’d get out digging today. Two days of this then more grey rain forecast -boo! Nonetheless feels GREAT getting out. Tree moving sounds some serious work.


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