And back to snow…

SeedsFeb2015I did manage to get out yesterday for a couple of hours so all the soft fruit that needed cutting down is done and a tiny wee bit of the veggie plot has been weeded but today the snow returned so it was a bit of indoor work.  This is what I’ve sown – two types of tomatoes one is Ferline the other Lupita (cherry type) both are F1’s and are supposedly blight resistant – watch this space! Then three types of sweet pepper including a long variety called Rokita, some Basil and five varieties of chili peppers one of which looks very much like a cherry tomato. I tried to grow Kilian (that’s the orange one) last year but the seeds failed to germinate maybe better luck this time. Oh, and some aubergine – absolutely the last time I am going to try these – hmmm I think I said that last year! My plan is to grow them in seriously manured ground to see if that suits them any better than my rather feeble veggie plot soil.

Finally. we’re on the cranes migratory route and two days ago they started flying North a sure sign spring is on its way.



Made it!

We’ve had a couple of days of dry warmish weather so a chance to get outside. What a FANTASTIC feeling to be able to work in the garden I feel totally reinvigorated. Anyways, last year I took the turf off an 18 metre strip to create a separate onion bed. I’d already dug in ash but it needed barrowloads (18 in total) of manure.  I dug about a metre at a time, removed the soil tipped a wheelbarrow of manure then back filled. My back’s a bit nippy but I’m done, I made it just as the weather broke and the rain started. Hens, of course, were as always a tremendous help – not!

Hensand poo

DoneThe finished job all ready for the onion sets in a couple of weeks time. The buddleia cuttings on the left have all taken, about 300 hundred of them in total but no sign of life from the asparagus which are sitting under a thick mulch of leaf mould and manure with netting over the lot to keep henny pennies at bay. Now with onions to be grown in their new bed that leaves more room down at the veggie plot so thought I’d get some more seed potatoes. I’ve stuck my neck out and bought Yona it’s a late variety but supposedly naturally blight and drought resistant, we shall see. That might be me indoors for a little while as the north wind doth blow….


Sunny and 12 degrees….

What a change in the weather, today was glorious so after I’d been out to buy my seed potatoes and onion sets I got stuck into the new onion bed. Some stones and lots of roots removed and so far two bin loads of wood ash dug in. Tomorrow promises to be lovely as well so I’m aiming to get the onion bed completely dug over and to add some very well rotted manure. I’m hoping this will work OK as the soil really needs some additional hummus given it’s a bit like – well- sand!  I know you are not supposed to plant onions into newly manure ground but I’m going to wait a couple of weeks AND keep my fingers crossed. My neighbours plant their onions in newly manured ground with good results so I’m going to give it a go.

Seed_PotatoesWhile I was out digging hubbie popped all the seed potatoes into the trays so they can get on with their chitting thing. He even put little labels on the front so I know what’s in the trays. I’ve stuck with Dolwens which have always performed well for me both in the growing and the storing.  I’ve also bought some Charlottes to try and am considering nipping back to the shop to buy some of a variety called Yona a multipurpose potato that is resistant to blight. The onions will have to sit there patiently for a couple of weeks. What a great feeling to be out in the sun getting something done in the garden.

Well, it’s not raining anymore…


No rain but the snow has arrived and the temperature has tumbled. We’ve got at least another week of very cold weather then hopefully it’s on the up. So frustrating not being able to work in the garden so I’m working on my family history instead. Soon I should be able to get out though and start digging! I’ve got masses of well rotted manure to dig in plus a few bin loads of ash to go on the garlic and onion bed. The snowdrops are pushing up but not with much enthusiasm maybe a few day of bright days will help.


I did venture up to the hut at the top of the garden and look out my seed trays. They’re now all washed and in place waiting for me to sow some seeds. As soon as it’s warm enough to open the shutters I’ll get sowing, maybe next week. This week the seed potatoes and onion sets arrive in the shops so a wee bit of shopping will be on the cards. Hope it’s gardening weather where you are!