Can someone turn the water off!

It has been raining here non stop for days.  We had one sunny day where I tried to do a bit of weeding but the ground is so sodden every single weed I pulled had about five pounds of soil attached to its roots.  The garden is looking so sad, the grass got away from us in the autumn so now it’s looking downright awful and Mr Mole is having a field day. The picture below is to remind me to get on top of the grass before winter!



Really looking forward to some warm dry weather so I can get some outside work done.  The good news it I’ve managed to get all the indoor stuff on my list done! Hope the weather is better where you are…roll on springtime.


4 thoughts on “Can someone turn the water off!

  1. Poor you, you must be so frustrated. Is it a French thing, do you think? Looking back at my post from France a year ago, we were digging winter veg out of a paddy field. Still, look on the bright side – you are bound to be enjoying some better weather in the not-too-distant future, probably while the rest of us are water-logged, frozen, storm-battered . . . 🙂


  2. You’re right, I reckon about six weeks ‘extra’ time in the garden compared to the UK – well for me that is – the fair weather gardener! We have two red squirrels in the garden giving us no end of amusement at the moment. They are stripping bark from the lime tree, leaving it to blow in the wind for a few days then harvesting it for their dreys I’m presuming.


  3. So it’s the rainy season there? It’s the stormy season here! Week 2 of gale-force winds. Don’t know which is worse for gardening! Let’s hope the jet stream sorts itself out shortly.


  4. I want the rain to stop too! I’m quite lucky on my allotment though as mine is one of teh few that doesn’t flood..fingers crossed!
    Also, for once, I am relieved that I haven’t got a greenhouse or polytunnel! Most of my fellow allotmenteers have had theirs blown down or away!


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