Pickings for the pot…

Think this might the last crop before Christmas except of course for the lettuce which I’m still picking daily.  Grabbed this little lot before whatever has been eating the carrots and swedes makes further inroads. Some nice turnips and small swedes, carrots, rocket, chervil, sprouting broccoli and a drum head cabbage. The drum head is a bit nibbled on the outer leaves but the rest looks fine. All of this is  headed for a giant pot of veggie soup.


The weather here is miserable we’ve had dark grey skies and a  constant drizzle for about a week. Needless to say the ground is totally sodden. But, three days of sunny dry weather forecast for next week so maybe a spot of weeding and muck spreading – can hardly wait!


One thought on “Pickings for the pot…

  1. I’m thrilled with my turnips today, but I must confess my lettuce is looking a little less than desire-able.

    I’ll leave it ‘ticking over’ though. Last year it looked terrible around this time but sprang into life at the end of Feb along with the spinach and gave me a lovely early crop of salads by mid-March 🙂

    I’m itching to get into the new season too – hope yours is a good one!


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