Greens for Christmas…

Well, not really as we’re out at friends for Christmas dinner tonight and it’s going to be lamb.  However, it’s sunny here today and not too cold so I’ve been out to pick coriander, sorrel and rocket to make a pesto for a pasta lunch.


I was in a newly opened shop the other day where they are selling local produce and  whole foods, what they call a bio shop here in France.  They had the tiniest jar of nettle pesto selling for only 5.99 euros….that got me thinking about all the types of pesto you could make from the garden for a lot less that 5.99!

So, today’s pesto is some old rocket (it’s been flowering for about three weeks), coriander (just cut at the base – I’m hoping for another sprouting) and about 12 sorrel leaves. The whizz up includes the greens above and the ingredients you see below – bit of garlic, oil and sunflower seeds – 1/10th the price of pinenuts.  

pesto whizz

Oops, forgot to mention the cheese – we use this generic hard cheese which works fine.  I’ve just tasted it and it’s scrummy – this could turn into a whole range of pestos!



Pickings for the pot…

Think this might the last crop before Christmas except of course for the lettuce which I’m still picking daily.  Grabbed this little lot before whatever has been eating the carrots and swedes makes further inroads. Some nice turnips and small swedes, carrots, rocket, chervil, sprouting broccoli and a drum head cabbage. The drum head is a bit nibbled on the outer leaves but the rest looks fine. All of this is  headed for a giant pot of veggie soup.


The weather here is miserable we’ve had dark grey skies and a  constant drizzle for about a week. Needless to say the ground is totally sodden. But, three days of sunny dry weather forecast for next week so maybe a spot of weeding and muck spreading – can hardly wait!

Flowers in December…

Well, no way is this Fizz kale plant going to get eaten with what looks like a giant flower about to emerge. I have no idea why this one is so large while the others are all so much smaller but it sure looks like it’s about to put on a show.IMG_3864

Picked the last of the pot marigold flowers yesterday and poured boiling water over the petals to make a tea to help sooth sore eyes. Noticed the borage still has some flowers showing must try eating those – friends say they taste like oysters!


Finally, I can’t even begin to think about the work that needs to be done on this veggie plot.  Spent so much time in the garden over the rest of the year that the house has been neglected – so the garden needs to be neglected to catch up indoors!  I went to pick some carrots this morning but something had beaten me too it.  Lovely carrot leaves but only a top ring of carrot left.  Well, you’ve  got to share with nature.  If  they’re going to feed the short tailed voles that will keep my long-eared owl roost happy!