Just got back from a little holiday where I saw these Milkcaps in a Spanish market selling for 35 euros a kilo – yikes! That is more expensive than cepes here in France. This lot almost escaped me as they were well hidden in the long grass which is currently in desperate need of cutting.


Must have been a lot of rain while we were gone as the mushrooms are out in force and the beetroot has finally fattened up a bit. The veggie plot is looking a bit sad but my remaining squashes are looking good and almost ready to pick.  Hope I’m not saying ‘sick of squash’ before spring.  The calendula are still in flower so another batch of balm on the cards and a gigantic pot of veggie soup should be on the go by the weekend – and I mean gigantic!


4 thoughts on “Yummy!

  1. Sick of squash? Never! Just had a delicious batch of butternut and carrot soup today, after a squash coconut curry earlier in the week. That really is a versatile vegetable. Not sure if I won’t get a bit fed up with cabbage and kale by winter’s end (and the weekly celeriac that I’ve scheduled). Wish I had mushrooms like those in our garden. Mind you I can really only identify chanterelles and ceps. Any tips/good books on mushroom identification? Must try to make some calendula balm. So many projects!


  2. I am probably the most cautious mushroom gatherer on the planet. I mostly use an old DK Eyewitness Handbook to make an identification – BUT I only eat ones I’ve had a friend confirm are edible. I’m only confident of eating nine varieties that regularly appear in the garden although I’m sure there are more. Best tip – learn the deadly ones first. The first I learned to identify was the panther – can be fatal and grows in abundance under my larch. The yellow staining mushroom – very common here and to me as a non expect scares me off anything that looks like a field mushroom. The death cap – looks like a lovely green apple as it pushes up through the ground I am always reminded of the story of Snow White somehow.


  3. I am confident on picking field mushrooms from two sites I know well. I had thought of trying one of the various mushroom kits that you can buy but I cannot find any feedback on them so far.


    • I’ve not tried the kits – a packet of spores proved spectacularly fruitless. I was tempted with a little kit (I think Lidl) for 2.99 euros – maybe the next time they have them in I’ll give it a try.


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