Calendula balm – so easy to make

Gave this a try yesterday and I’m really pleased with the results. First I had to find bees’ wax probably available everywhere in the UK but here in France I found it at our local bio shop.  The bag hold’s 400 grams and I only used 30 grams to make two jars so it goes a long way. The calendula was easy to find as it grows like a weed in the garden a must have plant in the veggie plot in my option. Last year mine were still in flower at Christmas and like sunflowers they just shout cheerful.

IMG_3792First I picked the petals from about 25 heads of calendula then I added 300 ml of bog standard olive oil making sure all the petals were coated. Next, this went into a bain marie and was kept on a very low simmer for three hours.

IMG_3793I then strained the oil using a muslin cloth and returned it to the bain marie along with 30grs of wax – I used wax pellets so it did not take long for the wax to melt. As soon as the wax and the oil combined I poured them into a couple of glass jars – as you can see not very evenly! The balm was put to the test this morning as I used it on my lips when I went out for a run – well I’ve just had to start running again after all that lovely crumble.






8 thoughts on “Calendula balm – so easy to make

  1. Very interesting , can one also use other flower heads to make a balm. I have a vast quantity of dried rose petals , have you please got any ideas ? Thank you


  2. You can make a balm with rose petals but it won’t have the anti inflammatory properties of the calendula. Make sure the petals are dry before you put them in the oil.


  3. Might have to give this a go as the better half uses balm all of the time,she’s tried a few but goes back to the ones she likes and works. So may get the thumbs up or straight in the bin, if it works I wi let you know will have to remember to order them first.


  4. I saw a similar recipe on tv but the calendula farmer dried his petals before covering with vegetable oil and leaving in a cool, dark cupboard for 3 months – giving a gentle shake every so often. Is it better to dry the petals first or use fresh? Heat in oil or keep in the cupboard for a few months? I’m planning to grow a lot of calendula so that I can make this, but unsure of best method – any advice for planting and making balm?


  5. If you don’t heat then you can’t add the bees’ wax to make a balm so you’ll end up with an infused oil. I believe (I’m no expert!) that the idea is to get the essential oils from the calendula and the best time for this is a sunny day after any moisture has evaporated from the petals. Calendula is one of the easiest annuals to grow I just sow thinly, in spring, in a sunny spot- they really do take no looking after. I’ve just been out gathering seed and have about half a bucket full with masses more to come -you only have to buy seed once! Now I’ve made the balm I think in the future I’d use much smaller jars.


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