Stringy beans but the best squash

IMG_3760Picked this lot yesterday to have with roast chicken dinner.  Well, those beans were truly yucky – I must have picked them too old.  Carrots were just thinnings to allow others to bulk up a bit.  That bicoloured lettuce is amazing we’ve been picking it for weeks on end and still masses left (didn’t have that with the chicken!). Best of all is the ‘Golden Nugget’ squash it tastes as good as it has performed – 100% germination and best of all it grows like a courgette – the squashes form around the base of the plant not on trailing vines.  A compact productive plant – looks like I’ll get around 6 squashes per plant.



2 thoughts on “Stringy beans but the best squash

  1. The beans look ok, so it suggests you didn’t plant stringless beans. They are worthwhile! My Armstrong didn’t do well this year – mainly because they had no rain and I don’t water! But a later planting of Lady Di and Scarlet Empire (both stringless – Scarlet Emporer is not) are both doing well and I am pleased with them. Also tried Moonlight a cross between pole and runner. They were also planted early so had no rain, and though they started well, the final beans (with good sized beans!) were not stringless, though supposed to be. Armstrong was still stringless, but sadly by that time were too tough.


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