The good the bad and the ugly

I suppose this is both good and ugly! Just created a place in a corner of the garden next to the veggie plot for horse poo! Our neighbours have four horses so a nice supply at hand. Really looking forward to getting this on the veggie plot come late autumn that’s if we can get the muck cooking. Someone at Gardener’s Corner suggested drainpipes while we build it, then removing them when the pile is built as to let air in. We’re trying to use the pipes as a guide so we get a rectangle of poo rather than a heap. Fun on a hot day.


Just plain old bad this is.  I planted three types of onions (sets) and they are all pathetic – the one in the picture is one of the better ones.  I might as well have eaten the sets.  I am so sick of the sight of these they are coming out tomorrow. More bad but I couldn’t even face taking a picture – BLIGHT on two cherry tomato plants now removed from the premises. Fingers cross the other plants don’t go the same way.


But there’s good.  Dinner today included Kale (Fizz) thinnings, new potatoes, turnip dauphinoise and mangetout all from the garden – now that’s a good feeling.


The blight on the tomatoes put me in a panic so I picked the rest of the potatoes.  I’m pleased with the crop and it felt good to get another section of the veggie plot weed free and ready for planting. I’m going to plant swede, carrot and turnip in the now vacant patch – all good soup stuff.

IMG_3717More good in the form of yet more blackcurrants – an amazing year for them.  This is my sixth tray – I just pick and freeze these straight away. I’m hoping for at least another four trays which will see me through the winter. I’m going to lop the plants this year and see how many new bushes I can start. The only thing with blackcurrants is they are such a pain to pick well I find they are.


Well I’m off out to plant some day lilies a friend brought round it’s a new one for me so my little collection grows.



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