The first tomatoes

Well there are only two of them so far but lots to come.  These were still warm from the sun when I scoffed them.  I’ve chopped this basil plant and left the stump growing in the veggie plot – I read somewhere you can do this and the plant will sprout again we’ll see. Turnips are for roasting on Sunday with chicken (Aldi’s not one of our hens).

BasilLots of work at the moment as all the rain has made both the weeds and the ‘grass’ grow.  It a bit of a juggle to keep both the garden and veggie plot in order.  I need to get out now and pick blackcurrants (they are planted in a circle on the left in the photo) so much fruit one branch has already snapped with the weight.




3 thoughts on “The first tomatoes

  1. I just picked it to use. It’s growing back already – mind we’ve had sun and rain galore so that might have sped things on. Never dried basil before use or freeze same as coriander.


  2. I did not know you could chop your basil plant at the base and it would regrow, I must try that, thanks for the useful tip! 🙂


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