Rhubarb and day lilies…

The day lilies are out and in the sun they look stunning.  I’m hoping these will all bulk up by autumn and I can split the lot.  I was lucky enough to inherit a small collection of about eight varieties in total.  The two smaller varieties are a subtle yellow and orange but nothing subtle about these three.   I understand you can eat these but I’ve never been tempted.




Well enough of the flowers now for the important stuff.  I’ve finally got a small crop of rhubarb. I grew this frm seed last year so am well chuffed to even get this amount.  I’ve only picked a single stalks from the bigger plants as I’m not sure how much I can take without harming the plant. Sowing rhubarb from seed is so easy peasy I’m tempted to sow a few different varieties. I actually picked a few more stalks than this just about enough for a crumble.


Lifted about a third of the potatoes yesterday as the leaves looked a bit iffy – brown spots starting to appear.  Some very small one but they’ll do for salad the rest will store in the basement.  I’m hoping to leave the remaining ones in the ground for another couple of weeks but I’ve got my beady eye on the leaves. Also pulled the garlic as I’m sick of the sight of those withered looking stalks. I’m going to wash this then let it dry it in the sun then freeze the lot.  I’d say about nine month’s supply here so another lot going in come September. I’ve got some free space now so more basil seedlings going in, yet more coriander being sown along with Swede, lettuce, endive, rocket, french beans and summer spinach. Busy day ahead….




3 thoughts on “Rhubarb and day lilies…

  1. Glad to hear sowing rhubarb from seed is easy peasy. Might try that next spring after the total crown failure this year. Which variety did you choose? And did you prepare the bed with horse manure or some such? Very envious of your ample garlic supplies! But I guess when in France…


  2. I think the rhubarb was called ‘Paragon’. I’ve bought crowns before but they just rotted so I’m hoping the seed grown plants thrive better. I sowed the seeds in a seed bed – then transplanted the seedlings (they look like young dock) into a narrow bed (it’s along one edge of the plot) which was dug over and the bottom filled (about 4 inches) with well rotted horse manure.

    I’ve got a packet of ‘Viktoria’ from vegetableseeds.net which I’m also going to try – looks like you can sow till August – although I’ve ceased to take notice of sowing times!


  3. I was thinking of trying the Viktoria but definitely next year. Enough projects on the go for this year! Will need to organise some horse manure from the neighbours. We’ve just put black plastic over the rhubarb bed to be. Good to know that the seedlings look like docks to avoid weeding them. Why is there always a weed that looks so much like the seedlings you’re growing?


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