Stormy weather…

In the middle of a storm with (hopefully) some rain.  The ground is rock hard which means Mr Mole must dig deeper to find those worms and hence the mole hills get larger and larger. We really could do with a good soaking but even as I type this it looks like it’s passing us by! It must be over three weeks since we’ve had any rain and the temperature some days has been in the 30s.

Well, we’ve scoffed all the strawberries and have now started on the rasps, below is the second half kilo we’ve had off the bushes (Aldi’s best!) I planted last year. The pak choi was picked for a stir fry we had at lunch time with our own fresh garlic.  The garlic bulbs are a bit small so we’re going to leave them in for a couple more weeks to see if they bulk up. Radishes are so easy to grow but I’m not that fond of them so I don’t think I’ll be planting them again.


Think this will be the last post until after the open garden days on the 28th and 29th still lots to do outside the veggie plot.  That henny penny fence around the veggie plot is great but I’ll need to take it down to cut the grass then put the thing back up –  hmm… not really looking forward to that task.  Hopefully, next post might include a photo of a rhubarb crop – fingers cross crumble on the way.



One thought on “Stormy weather…

  1. It all looks lovely, I envy you the rasps – we don’t grow any as hubby is not a fan but I’m very partial to them. Have you grown the radish outside? If so, how have you kept them looking so perfectly free of slug damage? I grow early spring crops in the tunnel but give up on anything outside, the slugs beat me every time. Good luck with the garden opening!


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