Calm before the storm

After days of constant rain we were blessed with a few days of dry warm weather.  It’s not going to last though and storms are on their way according to my farmer neighbour and the look of the sky and a low rumbling.  Thought I’d take a few pictures of the garden in case the rain reeks havoc.

Most of the iris are in flower abut some late ones are still to bloom.  This is one of my favourites I think it’s called Carnaby.


The majority of my iris are in the white to deep purple colour range you can just about make them out in this photo.  I’d love to go on a spending spree at a place called Cayeux their iris are to die for.  The patio is covered with plants I’m bringing on.  Some seedlings are really struggling and the slugs have eaten all the melons and cucumbers.  They don’t seem to have an appetite for the squashes – just as well or I’d have little to plant out! Gold Nugget is doing really well butternut Metro less so.  I’m trying to grow as much coriander as possible so the ‘weeds’ in the patio are coriander.  Pesto made with coriander and pumpkin seeds in place or pine nuts is delicious!


The back of the garden is coming along nicely – thanks to lots of water! I’m sure by next year the island beds will have filled out nicely.  I must resist the temptation to plant more stuff.  I am hoping the day lilies all bulk up nicely for a huge split in autumn.

back garden bottom

The top of the garden gets the least amount of attention and is my favourite part.  This is the place to enjoy a nice cold beer after a heavy day’s gardening. The wild flowers are just allowed to get on with it here the only thing I try and keep in check (a bit) are the nettles.  Left alone they would take over the whole place.

back garden top

This is from the back of the garden looking toward the house.  They’re not out yet but when they are the Buddleia will be covered in butterflies and humming-bird moths.  The little oak on the left hand side was grown from an acorn – it is the most precious thing in the garden.

looking down towards the house

Back down the garden near the pond is the new herb plot – full of bramble last year but doing pretty well. The herbs brought back from Spain seem to be thriving except for the Rue which looks like it is struggling.  You can see the bramble wants to come back so I’d better get out there with a spade.


This is a bit boring – back of the house and the strawberry patch.  I moved them from the veggie plot as they were getting baked in the full sun. They seem to be doing OK here where they only get full sun late afternoon. I’ve got a heavy mulch of bark chipping over the lot in an attempt to keep the moisture in. Not sure if  I like how this looks but it’s practical.


Finally, what has been keeping me busy for the past week.  I’ve now got a bit of a border around the enlarged plot with chives at either end and rhubarb and begamot down the long side. The side by the wall is mainly rasps with a grapevine in the middle of the row – that is tied into the fence which it will cover come summer.

side of house one

The damp patches you see are newly sown.  If I remember – parsnips with poached egg plant, celeriac, carrot, turnip, spinach, beetroot, mangetout, dill, coriander, salad stuff, calabrese, and  kale. Oh, and radish, rocket, sweet fennel and beet leaf. They join the onion, garlic and potatoes. I’ve still to sow runner beans  plus plant out tomatoes, squashes, chilies and cucumber. I might have bell peppers if the seedling ever start to grow. I’ve had to go buy some cucumber plants given the slug attacks and perhaps I’ll sow some melon into the ground and see what happens. I really should sow the beans this afternoon before the storm arrives at least everything will get a good watering free of charge!

Well best get out there and get some work done.




3 thoughts on “Calm before the storm

  1. You have an enormous garden! It looks spectacular! Everything is looking ever so organised and maintained, no weed in sight!!


  2. Looks fantastic! I hope our place will look like this in a few years’ time. We’ve got about the same space but have just started this winter so are still at the mulching and major weed removal stage. I think the strawberries by the house look absolutely fine. It can be hard gardening with chickens and don’t get me started on the salad-loving peacock that came with our cottage!


  3. Thanks – it’s taking six years to get to this stage and lots of learning along the way. I’d really like to grow more veggies in with the flowers perhaps next year. Also, experiment with growing edibles under the trees – it’s like a great big playground! No weeds is an allusion as is the lack of mole hills -I knocked those down before I took the pics. Oh, a peacock would look lovely wandering about but I can imagine even more trouble than hens.


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