Bring on the veggie plot…

Two week ago I had fingernails but after a couple of weeks weeding, edging and cutting grass they are no more! Thanks to a run of decent weather I’ve managed to whip the back ‘field’ into some sort of shape. This will now have to look after itself as I get stuck into the veggie plot. I’ve been waiting on some new fencing to keep the hens out rather than in…so hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I’ll have a hen free veggie plot that I can start working on.



I’ve got a bedroom full of seed trays but so far I’m not very impressed with the progress maybe a few more days of warm sunny weather will make a difference – let’s hope so.  They are just too pathetic to even photograph at the moment!

So fingers crossed for a few days of dry weather to I can get the veggie plot whipped into shape, onions planted and seed bed prepared.


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