Happy to be home…

Arrived back from Spain yesterday to a wonderful hailstone storm and 5 degrees a bit chillier than the temperatures in Malaga.  So good to be home but the garden looks a right mess  although, Mr Mole has been kind and left me fewer than 20 mole hills to deal with.  I see the hens on the other hand have moved every scrap of mulch to somewhere else – got to get a fence around the veggie plot – now! There must have been some warm sunny weather while I was away as one of the rhubarbs has started to flower a strange sight in the garden at this time of the year.

Nice to see the daffs in flower but my new herb patch is full of weeds and the grass is in desperate need of cutting.  If it gets out a bit warmer today I might make a start – on the weeds not the grass.  About five days of dry weather before the grass can be tackled.


Brought back some herbs and flowers from Spain but I think I’ll have to give the herbs a couple of days in the garage before making them face the cold.  There’s a stevia there and some rue  plus a mint I’ve never seen before – must check and see if the stevia’s hardy before planting.


Also back from Spain this little lot – mainly thanks to Aldi.  The onions I’m going to try and get in next week when we’re forecast a whopping 17 degrees – you can never grow enough onions can you.  The sweet potatoes  have to wait until any danger of frost has past so I’m just going to keep them cool for the moment.  (It’s just too embarrassing to show the pile of seeds from Spain)


It’s local  elections  today in France so I’m off to vote before turning my attention to all things green…isn’t spring just the most exciting time of the year.



One thought on “Happy to be home…

  1. Welcome back! Your haul of goodies looks great. I’ve had an interesting time reading up on stevia online – had to admit to ignorance on that one – what a fascinating plant. Yep, spring is a wonderful time but the 5 degrees not quite so good – here’s to a return of the warm weather. Happy planting! 🙂


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