Weed and seed (potatoes)…

Well I was just going to look to see if the seed potatoes had arrived at the local Bricomarche and they had!  As they had the ones I wanted – home they went.  I grew these last year and was really pleased with the crop.  They’re an all rounder plus if you plant them close together you can lift them as earlies or you can plant them further apart and leave them longer. Last year I planted these like some French folk do – no earthing up – just plant them really deep.  Worked fine but this year I’m going to earth up as I’m hoping it will make it easier to lift the crop.


Tonight I popped them into some old seed trays and put them in the basement to chit – these will go in the garden around the middle of March as long as the soil isn’t too wet.


Got stuck into that weedy garlic this afternoon and gave it a good clear out.  Now you can see the garlic instead of masses of forget-me-nots seedlings.


Finally, I started to nip away at the edge of the veggie plot.  I took off about 8 inches all the way along – if it’s not raining tomorrow I’ll repeat the process…I’ll have gained that extra metre in no time! Coming across lots of tree roots though so they’ll  have to be dealt with plus the soil is total rubbish in fact it looks more like sand than soil. Hens lucked out for some big fat worms so they were happy. Might start weeding along the back wall where the soft fruit is –  looks like a bit of a job though.



2 thoughts on “Weed and seed (potatoes)…

  1. Good luck with the digging, do you have the same ‘just another half metre…’ mentality as me?! Are you having to deal with couch grass as well as tree roots because that really is hard work. Garlic looks good, what’s growing in the row between the beds? I think maybe lamb’s lettuce but can’t quite see.


  2. Going out to do another little strip – it’s freezing today so no weeding. In the UK I ‘edged’ the lawn so much we ended up with a tiny oval of grass in the middle of a flower bed! That’s the dreaded sorrel in with the garlic- I like to grow things across the beds – just a strip of something here and there- box, lavender, thyme – plus flowers in summer like borate, marigolds dahlias – anything easy to grow. Just gives it a little bit of structure – can’t stand seeing bare earth.

    Once I’ve gained my extra metre I’m going to lift all the chives and put them all along the new edge. Along the ‘long’ side I’ve planted rhubarb (so easy from seed if you’ve not tried) and a bright red bermagot I’m hoping it will look good come summer although the begamot are all small pieces from one plant I split in autumn. I’ve got pink all over the place but I thought the red would go well with the rhubarb. Better get out and edge before the sun goes in and it gets even colder.


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