Bit of a tidy up…


Weather is not too bad so made a start on the weeding.  I’ve been saying for years I must learn how to weed with a hoe as I always end up doing it by hand. Think I might be able to add another metre to the end of the veggie plot so I’d better get the edger out and start cutting away.


If it’s OK tomorrow I’ll finish weeding the garlic which is smothered in weeds and maybe start with the edger.


2 thoughts on “Bit of a tidy up…

  1. I’m not going to complain about the mild weather we’ve had, but it seems silly to need to weed in january, my onions and garlic are also in need of a weed already.

    I bought a hoe, but still find hand weeding easier. I found a really old cast iron hoe on my allotment that is much smaller, and although its really heavy and not very sharp, it is much easier to use.


  2. Thought it was just me…I’m OK with open areas it’s in between stuff – garlic, leeks and onions obviously the worst as the weeds cling to the bases. Much colder today but I’m putting themals on and going out for an hour at least. Going to take a before and after of the messy garlic – might spur me on to complete it today! Must load something decent onto the ipod before I start.


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