A bit of a bird theme…

Well that’s more muck barrowed onto the growing heap.  As I’m making the heap bigger the hens are getting bolder and climbing higher in their never ending quest for earth worms.  I thought I’d upload a photo of my two hens but as I was downloading from the camera I noticed a couple more birdie pictures although you’ll have to trust me on the third one!

Known as ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ Warren although now they are both about the same size! Little Warren has black all they way to the tip of her tail unlike Big Warren who doesn’t.  Even today, on the winter solstice, they still provided me with two eggs .  Maybe those organic sunflower seeds they get daily helps.

This next picture is a bit blurry as the camera was a bit cold and it’s taken from within the house.  Bare in mind he’s on the upstairs balcony railing . He must have been able to see me and the camera as I was about three foot in front of him nonetheless he sat there for a good ten minutes. Really shooting hens must be more of a challenge than shooting pheasants!

Now, this is where the trust is needed. Depending on the weather our house is on the flight path of the cranes going south in winter and again north in spring.  You can hear them coming for miles and sometimes they come over in waves hundreds at a time for hours on end.  I find it impossible not to smile when I hear them coming they are just so life affirming.  The last group went over the house on the 24th of November and they were flying much lower then those in the picture.  Maybe next year I’ll have the camera to hand when a low flying group passes over and get a real picture. I took this picture as these cranes broke their ‘V’ formation to regroup.

Cranes honest!

One thought on “A bit of a bird theme…

  1. It’s lovely to have a chance to watch the Wildlife, I remember squatting motionless in the early part of last year while two fox cubs wrestled and tumbled around my plot, only stopping when I finally had to straighten my creaking knees! Mr Pheasant is beautiful, just don’t let him get too comfortable around the veg plot as they can be a right pain when they bring their family along for breakfast!


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