The Veggie Plot

My veggie plot is located near the house just in front of my wild life pond. It’s about 15 metres x 8 metres.  Along the fence I’ve got a grape vine (first grapes in 2013 – it’s been in since 2009)  with rasps and blackberries either side.  The blackberries are struggling but the rasps are doing OK.  I’ve moved my strawberries away from the veggie plot into their own area.

I’ve then got four rows a little over a metre wide with a path down each row. If I could afford it I’d have ‘proper’ paths and edging along the paths but I can’t so it’s earth paths and string to mark out the beds.  Since this picture was taken I’ve now created a 6th narrow row into which I’ve sown rhubarb and planted red bergamot.  I wish I could say the plot always looks this tidy!


6 thoughts on “The Veggie Plot

  1. Well, hello and welcome from one ‘French’ gardener to another! Your garden looks beautiful, far too tidy and organised! I shall follow your blog with great interest.


  2. Thanks – sometimes it does look fab and other days I think what a mess! I’m trying to do pretty/productive but it’s a bit of a challenge (huge understatement). I need someone to curtail my desire to remove every blade of grass and plant every square inch.
    Your blog looks good – I could use a hint on how to get my pics sized like yours. I don’t want to spend lots of time on resizing images.


  3. When your computer finishes uploading your chosen picture, there should be 4 options at the bottom of the box which allow you to choose what size you’d like it before you insert into your post – I opt for ‘large’. It saves a lot of faffing about – precious time that could be spent digging more garden! Who wants grass anyway? 🙂


  4. Great I’ll give that another go – more time to barrow manure! Just been to the mailbox – new Baumaux catalogue has arrived. This is the best source I’ve found in France (or anywhere) for difficult to find seeds like Hamburg parsley, wild chicory, sweetwood ruff -. it’s like being in a sweetshop for gardeners who are into ‘all-sorts’. I’ve got a link to their site on the sidebar- you can order the catalogue online – free to France (amazing given the size of it). I’m not sure if they send elsewhere though.


  5. Yes, it’s a great site – definitely child in a sweetshop time! (The only thing I’m not so keen on is their postage charges.) If I order the catalogue, I know I’ll succumb to temptation, which will probably mean digging up yet more lawn…and so it goes on! 🙂


  6. To be honest I usually drool over their catalogue and order elsewhere. I think I’m a seedaholic – I just want to grow everything. At least veg seed is relatively cheap – I could grow bankrupt buying iris and hemerocallis. Now they are definitely worth losing grass for.


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